The Black Cat Cabaret cast:
Some of our extraordinary performers

dusty limits at black cat

Dusty Limits

Impresario of the establishment

Vicky Butterfly by Izaskun Gonzales

Vicky Butterfly

Sublimely elegant performance artiste

Lili La Scala

Lili La Scala

Vintage songbird from a bygone era

Eastend Cabaret

Eastend Cabaret

Sophistication and smut

Missy Macabre

Missy Macabre

Goddess of fire-burlesque

David Armand as Johann Lippowitz by Jonathan Day

David Armand

The many-faced man of a thousand mimes

Sarah-Louise Young

Cabaret chanteuse and character actress

Jess Love

Jess Love

Naked hula comedy genius

Jo Foley

Jo Foley

International aerialist extraordinaire

Katharine Arnold

Katharine Arnold

Daredevil aerialist star of Prospero’s Tavern

Sammy Dinneen

Sammy Dinneen

Suave and supple hotshot handstands

Cabaret Rouge at The Black Cat Cabaret, Cafe de Paris

Cabaret Rouge

Our resident showgirl dynamos

tom baker at the black cat

Tom Baker

Accordionista of the apocalypse

Michael Roulston at the piano

Michael Roulston

Piano maestro of the salon

Laura London - close up magic

Laura London

Close up magician extraordinaire

jaz delorean tankus henge

Jaz Delorean

Steampunk voxman with Tankus the Henge

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Past, present, future

Our resplendent roster of rebels is repeatedly on rotation . . .

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