The Black Cat Cabaret cast:
Some of our extraordinary performers

dusty limits at black cat

Dusty Limits

Impresario of the establishment

Vicky Butterfly by Izaskun Gonzales

Vicky Butterfly

Sublimely elegant performance artiste

Lili La Scala

Lili La Scala

Vintage songbird from a bygone era

Eastend Cabaret

Eastend Cabaret

Sophistication and smut

Missy Macabre

Missy Macabre

Goddess of fire-burlesque

David Armand as Johann Lippowitz by Jonathan Day

David Armand

The many-faced man of a thousand mimes

Sarah-Louise Young

Cabaret chanteuse and character actress

Jess Love

Jess Love

Naked hula comedy genius

Jo Foley

Jo Foley

International aerialist extraordinaire

Katharine Arnold

Katharine Arnold

Daredevil aerialist star of Prospero’s Tavern

Sammy Dinneen

Sammy Dinneen

Suave and supple hotshot handstands

Cabaret Rouge at The Black Cat Cabaret, Cafe de Paris

Cabaret Rouge

Our resident showgirl dynamos

tom baker at the black cat

Tom Baker

Accordionista of the apocalypse

Michael Roulston at the piano

Michael Roulston

Piano maestro of the salon

Laura London - close up magic

Laura London

Close up magician extraordinaire

jaz delorean tankus henge

Jaz Delorean

Steampunk voxman with Tankus the Henge

The Black Cat logo featured image inverted

Past, present, future

Our resplendent roster of rebels is repeatedly on rotation . . .

Cast Members Past and Present

Presiding over The Black Cat’s cabaret underworld is Dusty Limits, winner of ‘Best Host/Compere’ at the London Cabaret Awards in 2012 and again in 2013. This compere without compare and creature of the night can raise a laugh or quell a crowd with the arch of an eyebrow, and his own darkly comedic songs find subversive joy in even the shadiest aspects of human nature.


One of the leading forces of nouveau-burlesque, Vicky Butterfly is beauty and grace personified. Her high-art burlesque incorporates skills from the disciplines of costume design, ballet, circus and athletics. Vicky combines a lithe, animalistic power with the ethereal delicacy of a butterfly. Like the proverb of chaos theory, a mere flap of her wings can cause a tempest.


With their powers combined, deviant diva Bernadette Byrne and half-moustachioed musician Victor Victoria are EastEnd Cabaret. These purveyors of playfully perverse musical comedy have been wowing audiences across the globe, and come to us direct from the Australian fringe season. The doyennes of the Danger Wank will be entertaining lucky Black Cat patrons with their salacious songs throughout April.


Cabaret hostess and soprano singer of vintage songs, ‘The Songbird of Trafalgar Square’ has been delighting audiences worldwide since she finished her training at one of London’s top conservatoires. With a combination of vintage pin-up girl figure, face of a silver-screen starlet, and the voice of an angel, Lili La Scala will enthral you.


Sarah-Louise Young is a character actress, writer and internationally celebrated cabaret artiste. Her solo shows Cabaret Whore and Cabaret Whore Encore!, featuring a motley crew of wryly observed characters, have received rave reviews, numerous awards, and played to sell-out runs at the Soho Theatre, Adelaide Cabaret Festival and Edinburgh Fringe.


Having contributed to TV favourites Absolutely Fabulous, Peep Show and Dead Ringers, David Armand now turns his attention to the world of variety, appearing at The Black Cat as Johann Lipowitz, Austrian mime artiste par excellence, and doyen of interpretive dance. His physical interpretations of classic songs are side-splittingly funny – and must be seen to be believed.


Jo Foley is an international aerialist and physical performer. She recently collaborated with Lady Gaga, Jarvis Cocker, and Nofit State Circus. Trained in gymnastics, theatre and circus from the age of five, she is a master of the aerial hoop, pushing the boundaries of possibility on a simple piece of equipment, and her acts range from the narrative, to the beautiful, to the absurd.


Prolific fire performer Missy Macabre is the ultimate “fakir fatale”, renowned for bringing class and elegance to the international circus and sideshow world. With her spectacular display of couture costumes and fearless stunts, Missy turns up the heat at The Black Cat, and pushes the creative boundaries of art, physicality and glamour.


International dance and cabaret sensation Sammy Dinneen performs sexy, sinuous handbalancing acrobatics. His muscular routines for The Black Cat Cabaret evoke the debonaire hats ‘n’ spats style of the Rat Pack era, combining a suave persona with polished dance moves, which he perfected in his former life as a breakdancer.


Queen of the aerialists Katharine Arnold graces the ceiling of our venues with one of her signature rope performances. Her balletic, fluid routines embody poise and grace, effortlessly connecting a series of seemingly impossible contortions. Her perfect timing and thrilling choreography has previously appeared in stellar shows like La Soiree and La Clique.


A versatile and accomplished bilingual musician, Monsieur Tom Baker is our accordionista of the apocalypse. He draws upon influences that range from Jacques Brel to Tommy Cooper, with a faint Lovecraftian menace lingering behind the laughter. The Black Cat’s very own Pied Piper, he leads acts and audience alike in many a merry song and dance.

Jess Love’s many specialties include hula-hoops, hoop diving, skipping, acrobatics and trapeze. In 2009 she broke the world record for the most number of hula hoops spun at once, 115 in total. She’s a founding member of multi-award winning circus company The Candy Butchers. Australian born Jess has performed both in the UK and internationally with La Clique, Circa!, Dislocate Physical Theatre and many more.


The Black Cat’s resident dance troupe Cabaret Rouge provides our show with glamour and a frisson of danger. Their routines include gender-bending burlesque, grand old Parisian charm, and sultry new Vegas heat, ensuring there’s something for every palate. Mind that lipstick on your collar, won’t you?


Michael Roulston is a composer, accompanist and actor-musician who has previously collaborated with our stars Dusty Limits, Sarah-Louise Young, and Laurie Hagen, amongst other luminaries of the cabaret scene, for which he has something of a passion. He can be found every week, tinkling The Black Cat’s ivories to accompany our other cast members.


The mistress of modern magic, Laura London became the youngest lady of The Magic Circle mere months after her 18th birthday, and landed her first TV series shortly after. Now she’s at The Black Cat for your delight and amusement, providing walkabout magic before the show and during the interval. Her speciality is close-up performance, defying belief even at close range . . .


Flâneur, raconteur, bon-viveur. The award-winning French comedian is currently travelling the world, charming women and mocking the stupid.


Writer, singer and pianist. Member of Tankus the Henge. Influenced by charismatic characters such as Jack Kerouac, Tom Waits and Edith Piaf, Jaz Delorean’s music and lyrics often travel down the wistful, broken-hearted route, performed live with a mischievous glint in his eye and a roguish lopsided grin.


An international Burlesque Siren, Missy has captivated audiences across the world with her hypnotic burlesque performances – from the absinthe salons of Paris and baroque theatres of Milan, to the cirque-carnivals of Australia, and the geisha district of Kyoto, Japan. This formidable femme fatale has showcased in prestigious burlesque revues and high-end cabarets, as well as for private clients including The Serpentine Gallery, Hollywood producers Ridley Scott Associates, and British Royalty.


Jo Moss performs death defying acts on his cyr wheel. Fusing his passion for the theatre and his extreme levels of fitness Jo Moss has produced an eclectic blend of mesmerizing high energy performance pieces.

Multi-award winning Lady Carol could be from a fairytale; a blond red riding hood or a witch who might put a spell on you. Performing everywhere from the Sydney Opera House to a Dive Bar in the Alaskan Tundra her sublime voice and wildly honest existence delight and captivate wherever she goes. Her voice is like having your hot milk laced with a shot of brandy. Utterly intoxicating.

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