Dressing up is not compulsory but is strongly encouraged!

Dress code:
Victorian Gothic / Regency Splendour / Morbid Glamour
[click here for further dress code hints and suggestions]

Hints and suggestions:
Frock Coats and Tailcoats
Corsets and Peasant Blouses
Ruffled Shirts and Waistcoats
Velvet, Satin and Lace
Baroque Ballgowns
Feathers and Spiders
Black Eye make-up
Powdered Wigs
Half-Human Half-Beast
Théâtre du Grand-Guignol
Dark Carnival
Victorian Horror
Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde
The Master & Margarita
Edward Scissorhands
Tim Burton
Pirates of the (English Channel)
Ghost of Marie Antoinette
Retro Science
Vintage Decadence
Dark Magic
Occult Heroes
Corpse Brides
Black Tie

or let your imagination run wild with a costume fit for a haunted Grand Ball!


Cabaret Line-Up details:

Dusty Limits – dark Master of the house

Samantha Smith – aerial lifts, contortive twists

Chrisalys – fire-breathing sideshow Pig

Lili La Scala – operatic living Doll

Twin & Tonic – conjoined Sisters of mercy

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